Peace of Mind

We are certified in food safety and follow strict sanitation protocols.

Nothing Yucky Added

At Highlands MicroFarm, we start with only non-GMO seed. Although we’re not a certified organic grower, what goes into each crop really matters to us. We never, ever use pesticides! We also do all of our growing on biodegradable hemp mats. This soil-free environment is considered more hygenic – it means there’s one less source of potential contamination from bacteria in soil.

Delivered Alive

There are several benefits to delivering microgreens still alive. For one, it eliminates another source of potential contamination – the cutting and packaging process. Secondly, your microgreens stay fresher, longer. You can remove them from their package, place them on a plate, put them in a sunny location and water them periodically. When you’re ready to eat them, snip them off and enjoy!

Locally Produced

One of the benefits of locally produced food is that it’s not as vulnerable to the supply chain problems that can crop up when shipping food long distances, say from California. When veggies are grown and delivered from within your community, you can be sure your delivery will come through.

Food Security and Equity

We think everyone should have access to good, healthy food. Even prior to COVID-19 – an amazingly prosperous time in human history – many people have not have access to healthy food. Now the pandemic has made that much worse. That’s one of the reasons we started Highlands MicroFarm. We were growing microgreens, lettuces and other vegetables for ourselves, and became concerned that our neighbors might not be able to get their hands on green stuff.

One of our main goals is to produce affordable healthy foods for our local community to improve food security. If our microgreens are out of reach to you financially, please reach out to us! We never want to turn a customer away.

Colorado Cottage Food Act

We operate under the Colorado Cottage Food Act, which is allows “mom and pop” local businesses like ours to provide high quality products in a safe and secure way. It lays out detailed guidelines on how to handle food safely – guidelines we take seriously. If you believe in the importance of local small businesses, remember to support this act. You can read more about the Colorado Cottage Food Act here.

COVID-19 Precautions

Now with the COVID-19 pandemic it is even more important that people have access to healthy, affordable, and reliable food. We follow good agricultural practices and adhere to strict guidelines for sanitation. During the growing process, all materials we come in contact with are sanitized prior to being used. We wash our hands obsessively. And during deliveries, we sanitize everything we come in contact with and wear gloves and masks. Finally, our family practices strict social distancing and takes seriously all precautions for avoiding exposure to the virus.


Freshly harvested microgreens, delivered right to your door. What could be easier? Microgreens, as great as they are, aren’t available in most grocery stores. You can find them in farmer’s


Microgreens are some of the most nutritious foods there are. Researchers Were Stunned Leafy green plants are known to be highly nutritious and packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Only