Freshly harvested microgreens, delivered right to your door.

What could be easier?

Microgreens, as great as they are, aren’t available in most grocery stores. You can find them in farmer’s markets, but not everyone has the time to shop that way. And in Denver, farmer’s markets are closed through most of the winter months. We want to make them available most of the year and can do that by growing under highly efficient LED lights.

But that’s why we bring the goodness to you. We offer bi-weekly subscriptions, delivered right to your door. Not in our delivery area? Join our mailing list. Let us know where you live, and we’ll consider expanding.

Also, all our microgreens are delivered alive and uncut in their hemp mats. You can let them grow for quite a while if you are not ready to eat them immediately. Or, you can snip them and put them in the refrigerator right away. They are good for at least a week but make sure to refrigerate them.

Keeping it local

At Highlands MicroFarm, we believe in the power of local food. When food only has to travel small distances to reach end consumers, it arrives on your plate fresher, more nutritious, and more delicious.

By keeping it local, we also reduce the amount of carbon monoxide it takes to get food to market. At Highlands MicroFarm, we only serve a small dense geographic area, delivering to our neighboring communities in a hybrid electric vehicle. The carbon footprint is very small.


Microgreens are some of the most nutritious foods there are. Researchers Were Stunned Leafy green plants are known to be highly nutritious and packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Only

Peace of MindPeace of Mind

We are certified in food safety and follow strict sanitation protocols. Nothing Yucky Added At Highlands MicroFarm, we start with only non-GMO seed. Although we’re not a certified organic grower,