Microgreens are some of the most nutritious foods there are.


Freshly harvested microgreens, delivered right to your door. What could

Peace of Mind

We are certified in food safety and follow strict sanitation

A Message During COVID-19

Are you open during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Yes, we sure are. In fact it was this pandemic that inspired us to make greens available to others in our community, rather than growing them solely for ourselves. We wanted to make sure people could get access to healthy greens, no matter what’s happening in the supply chain.

What are you doing to protect your customers?
We are certified in food safety, and we take that responsibility seriously. All of our equipment is sanitized before each use. We always practice thorough hand-washing. We wear gloves and masks on deliveries. And we personally practice strict social distancing.

What if I’d love to get your greens, but I can’t afford a full priced subscription?
The health and food security of our community are important to us. If you’d like to receive our microgreens but a subscription is out of reach for you financially, please reach out and let us know.

About Us

Welcome to Highlands MicroFarm! We’re a small urban farm delivering microgreens in the Denver, Colorado area.

Our Chief Farmer, Arwen Vaughan, has had a passion for urban farming and all things sustainable for decades. He’s dabbled in everything from hydroponics to aquaponics to good old-fashioned dirt farming. In his spare time you might find him building wind turbines, setting up solar panels or spot welding battery packs.

Heather Vaughan is a big part of the farm also. She is the brains behind much of the operations as well as the photographer and microgreens chef. She will be adding some amazing recipes to the website soon!